indIgEnized eneRgy


In 2017, the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline became operational, following passionate protests because of the pipeline’s impact to the environment and to sites sacred to American Indians. Out of this controversy and out of concerns of the pipeline’s impact on the environment, the Sioux Nation fought back in an unconventional and empowering way by working with Give Power Foundation and its partners to build the first and largest solar energy farm in North Dakota.

The Bay Area Mural Program (BAMP) was invited to paint a mural in celebration of the unveiling of the new solar panels. The mural is located on the gymnasium in the center of the Sioux Reservation in Cannon Ball.  The image highlights the Native Symbol for the Sun/Solar Power with a rare image of Chief Sitting Bull facing the spirit animal of the bison and wild horses.


Will You Join Us?

Join the Bay Area Mural Program and help us provide art education and creative outlets for the Indigenzed Youth of Standing Rock.  When you purchase an "Indigenized Energy" High Res Print you:

*Provide creative arts for Native American children living on the Standing Rock Reservation in Cannon Ball North Dakota

*Provide solar and horticultural education for Native American community members living on the Standing Rock Reservation in Cannon Ball North Dakota

*Fund exchange art programs for children living in extreme poverty by giving them the opportunity to participate in activities off the reservation.

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